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Prison Breaker

a heart can stop a bullet

11 October 1976

Things I like:
Dark chocolate, white chocolate, dark hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, small furry animals, fast cars, dangerous women.

Things I hate:
People who don't signal, people who crack their knuckles, shellfish, people who jingle change in their pockets.

Current Terror Alert Level
Terror Alert Level

#darkwave, abfahrt hinwil, acid productions, adorable, ambient, amorphous androgynous, amsterdam, animals on wheels, ansi art, anti-shellfish extremism, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, army kittens, arovane, ash, assemblage 23, augie march, autechre, baxter dury, beagles, beborn beton, bill hicks, boards of canada, bola, british sea power, burlington, byrne, calla, carnivale, cats, chameleons uk, chocolate covered almonds, coffee, compulsion, cooking, creativity, dark city, dark illustrated, darkrave, darkwave, darren aronofsky, dave mckean, david holmes, deadwood, death in vegas, digital art, dj shadow, do make say think, don delillo, don logan, doves, dramatic thunderstorms, driving with my knees, ed harcourt, elbow, explosions in the sky, fierce battle kittens, film noir, fitter happier more productive, fizzarum, food network canada, foreign films, fsol, future sound of london, garlic bread elitism, gimmik, godspeed you black emperor!, goth, gothic, graphic arts, graphic design, hamburg, haunted houses, hilarious house of frightenstein, hope of the states, hydroponic boston lettuce, iaudio x5, independent films, industrial, interpol, johnny boy, kent, kittens, longview, m83, madrugada, magnolia, manic street preachers, mogwai, mojave 3, movies, mp3s, muse, music, múm, neuroticfish, oakville, ontario, orbital, phaser, photography, photoshop, pi, pop will eat itself, primal scream, proem, puressence, radiohead, red snapper, requiem for a dream, scanner, sexy beast, sheridan college, sigur ros, south, space: above and beyond, spiritualized, squarepusher, strangelove, super furry animals, survivor, synthpop, the amazing race, the cure, the doves, the editors, the fratellis, the go! team, the legends, the libertines, the maccabees, the thin red line, therapy?, toronto, tortoise, trespassers william, turin brakes, two lone swordsmen, ulrich schnauss, unkle, velvet underground, vnv nation, web design, wolfsheim, wumpscut, york university, yunx